Custom Corrugated Displays To Increase Holiday Sales

15 July 2020
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Impulse holiday purchases, including candy or stocking stuffers, can drive up sales and help you meet your profit quota by the end of the year. If you previously failed to set up separate displays that were festive and clearly marked and were left with surplus products after the holiday shopping rush, use a direct approach this year, that will neatly display items and clearly mark their price or attributes.

Choose A Location And The Display Type

The layout of your store, the proposed seasonal merchandise that you will be promoting, and the manner in which your customers enter and exit the business or access various departments should be assessed carefully and will help you hone in on one or two areas that would benefit from corrugated displays.

For example, if you have a lawn and garden area that adjoins the store and ornaments, holiday trees, festive plants, and outdoor yard decorations are displayed in the garden area's confines, it may be equally important to set up some corrugated displays in this area, as well as near the front registers or doorway that your customers access. During the manufacturing process, corrugated cardboard is layered, to provide an end product with the strength necessary to support weighted items.

A glossy sheen will be added to box products that contain colored graphics and print, which will aid in attracting shoppers. Corrugated displays that are considered 'pop ups' will contain interlocking pieces that can be pressed into shape. There are also display units that are detachable or that can be enlarged, by securing additional corrugated pieces to a display's base.

If you are going to be selling reading materials, small rolls of candy, and other handheld items, purchase corrugated boxes that contain slots. The slots will keep the merchandise stabilized and each display box can be set up on a table or alongside a checkout station.

Use Additional Sensory Components

Using custom displays can be a great start to increasing sales, but not everyone is going to stop by the displays to see what is being promoted and this is especially true if the surrounding area is cluttered or if the displays are mixed in with non-seasonal merchandise.

Before you set set up the displays, think of ways that you can add some additional sensory components to each holiday-themed area. Decorate a tree and use it as the center of an area and line the corrugated display boxes around it. Drape strings lights around the top of each corrugated box and play holiday music in the store during business hours.