Time For A Change? How To Preserve The Beauty Of Your New Wrought Iron Fence

7 March 2019
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If you're going to have a wrought iron fence installed around the perimeter of your home, you'll need to pay close attention to the maintenance. With the right care, your wrought iron fence will provide you with years of beauty and added security. Here are some steps that will help you preserve the beauty and strength of your wrought iron fence.

Give Your Wrought Iron Some Space

Once you have your wrought iron fence installed, you'll want to give it some space. This is particularly true where your landscaping is concerned. Planting shrubbery too close to your fence can cause premature wear and tear to the wrought iron. Not only that, but if you plant large shrubbery up against your fence, the size and weight of the root system can cause your posts to come loose from their foundation. Protect your wrought iron fence by leaving some additional space when you plant your shrubbery.

Take Your Time With the Cleaning

When you clean your wrought iron fence, you want to do more than simply spray it off with the garden hose. Spraying with the garden hose will remove some of the surface dirt, but it won't get rid of all the dirt and oils that can ruin your wrought iron. When cleaning your fence, be sure to use plenty of soap and water. Fill a garden sprayer with water and about a quarter cup of dish detergent. Spray the cleaning solution directly onto your fence and allow it to soak in as you begin scrubbing with a soft brush. Once you've scrubbed your fence, rinse it off with fresh water.

Be Generous With the Wax

Your wrought iron fence isn't completely protected from the elements until it's been preserved with a fresh application of wax. Each time you wash your fence, be sure to apply a generous amount of wax. The wax will help prevent damage caused by exposure to sun, rain and bitter cold.

Don't Ignore Chipped Paint

While you're washing your wrought iron fence, be sure to watch for areas that might have some chipped paint. Chips in the paint should never be ignored. Those chips can allow rust and corrosion to develop, which can undermine the wrought iron. If you find areas where the paint is chipped, remove the loose paint with a wire brush and apply a fresh coat of paint. For significant paint damage, contact your contractor.

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