3 Types Of Saws Used To Cut Through Acrylic

5 February 2016
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Acrylic fabrication is often used in industrial facilities around the country. It isn't a process that everyone understands. In fact, many people have never even heard about it until they get a job working in facility that handles it. Acrylic sheets come in an assortment of sizes and thicknesses. These sheets can be cut down according to your specifications. However, you need to use a different saw to accommodate different types of cuts. Here are some of the more commonly used saws in acrylic fabrication today.

Band Saws

If you need to cut curves in the acrylic, you need to use a band saw. Band saws are also used for making a straight cut in a thicker sheet of acrylic. When it comes to large production work, you will need a larger saw with at least a 30-inch throat. Smaller production processes can get away with using a smaller saw. As your sheet of acrylic gets thicker, you will want to decrease the amount of teeth on your blade.

Scroll Saws

If you are looking for a saw that is capable of cutting closed holes or sharp radii in a thinner piece of acrylic, a scroll saw is just what you need. They aren't designed for cutting through thicker sheets of acrylic or multiple pieces at once. Due to their relatively short stroke, these saws do tend to jam up. You cannot force your acrylic when using this particular type of saw. You have to take it slow and clean the teeth on a regular basis. If the blade stops cutting, you need to pull your acrylic out and allow it to cool. Make sure to clean your blade as well.

Saber Saws

A saber saw can make either a curved or straight cut in your acrylic sheets. You need to make sure your acrylic sheet has ample support as the added vibrations from this saw could end up chipping or cracking the sheet. Make sure to adjust your chisel stroke according to the application you need the sheet for. Aim for about 3/16 of an inch more than what the thickness is of the sheet you are planning to cut.

With so many different saws available to cut through your acrylic, you want to make sure you are using the right one for your application. This will save you a lot of time and wasted materials along the way. For more information, contact companies like Crown Plastics Inc.