Super Ways To Store Food Long Term

15 July 2015
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Long term storage of food involves cans, jars, and bags that are sealed to keep unwanted chemicals, elements, and animals out. It also keeps the good stuff inside so that the food stays fresh for years. There are several ways to seal food. Some ways are easier while others are more cost effective. Which one you choose depends greatly on your needs.

Can Seamers and Bag Sealers

A can seamer is designed to make the process easier and get the job done quicker. They work by melding together the lid and the can. The edges overlap and seal together. Bag sealers work by sealing the edges of the bag together using heat to melt the bag. They come in electric versions and hand-crank versions.

These machines make food storage easy and are perfect for people who need a large bulk of sealed goods. The most common use is for businesses that need to crank out a high number of product in a short amount of time. Survivalists might want a hand crank version for fast sealing when electricity is no longer available!

There are machines designed for home use, but they can cost hundreds of dollars. You can make some of the money back by renting out your machine to others who only need one for a short time.

Glass Jars

Glass jars are the classic way to store food. People have been storing food in jars for decades. The process used to involve boiling the jars in a giant pot of water to seal the lid and the jar together. While this process is the cheapest for small batches, technology has now come up with ways to make the process easier. You can use machines designed to seal packages using a vacuum. Some vacuum sealers come with attachments for jars to quickly seal the jars without water.

Glass jars are often used by farmers and gardeners that want to store produce so it lasts. It is also a pretty way to store food if you plan to sell it or give it as gifts.

Metalized Storage Bag

Metalized storage bags, dry food pouches, and Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BoPet) bags are all the same thing. They are shiny silver bags made with food-grade material. They are used to store dry goods, such as rice or flour. You can seal them using a special heated tool, a bag sealer like mentioned earlier, or a hair straightener.

These bags are a favorite among survivalists. They are cheap enough to obtain and easy to seal. You can toss in an oxygen absorber to remove the oxygen in the bag and then seal them with heat. Placing the sealed bags in a bucket with a tight-fitting lid keeps out unwanted animals.

All three options will keep your food safe for years to come.